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Mina Choi Tenison


Norwell Coquillard

President, CARGILL CHINA, Shanghai, China

Louise Yinglu Lin

General Manager, Yancheng Body Fashion, TRIUMPH INTERNATIONAL, Shanghai, China

Pierre E. Cohade

President, Asia Pacific Region, GOODYEAR TIRE Management, Shanghai, China

Remi Charachon

Managing Director, AIR LIQUIDE China

Wu Xiaobing

President & Managing Director, WYETH CHINA & HONG KONG, Shanghai, China

Amit Midha

President, DELL Greater China

Fredy Bush

CEO and Founder, XINHUA FINANCE MEDIA LIMITED, Shanghai, China

Jonathan Seliger

Managing Director, ALFRED DUNHILL China

Jeffrey Wasserstrom

Author, Global Shanghai, 1850-2010

Kishore Mahbubani

Author, The New Asian Hemisphere

Dongping Yang

Author, The Tale of Two Cities: Shanghai vs.Beijing

Eric Stone

Author, The Living Room of the Dead

Joseph McDermott

Author, A Social History of the Chinese Book

Lin Hongmin

President, Shanghai Oriental Arts Center, Pudong, China

John Ralston-Saul

Author, The Collapse of Globalism

Paolo Gasparrini

President, L'OREAL China

David Wei

President, Alibaba B2B, Hangzhou, China

Andy Benton

Managing Director, Northern & Eastern China: Michael Page International

Bofei Yan

Founder of Jifeng Books, Shanghai, China

Kevin E. Wale

President, General Motors Group, China

Harry Hui

Chief Marketing Officer, PEPSICO ASIA

Rong Li

Playwright, Shanghai, China

John Cappo

President, IMG China

Richard Yorke

President & CEO, HSBC China

Yue-Sai Kan

Founder and CEO of House of Yue-Sai

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