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Mina Choi Tenison

essays / reflections

The Bubble Life: Polo in China

A look at the first exhibition polo game in China

Alexander Through the Looking Glass

A mother questions her son's educational path

Social Code & Globalization

How well do unspoken social codes travel across the globe?

Luxury Education

What price a good education?

The Road to Freedom

On China's ascendancy to the world's top car market

Life in a Comparative Economy

How much does a cup of coffee cost in Shanghai?

Masochistic Education

Adjusting to Chinese academic grading

Children Without Social Lives

Must going to school in China be so lonely?

Mediocre Perfection

Perfection at all Costs

The Deadlines I've Missed

Some deadlines are non-negotiable

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Tiger Mom, Get in Line!

Why I Would Never Send My Kids to International School

Counting the reasons why Shanghai's private schools are inferior.

Top Up My Phone Card!

Who is paying for what?

Shanghai Girls; Shanghai Men

Shanghai ladies are beautiful, stylish, demanding, and know their worth.

I Have a Dream

Xi Jinping made a nation-wide call for columnists to write their China Dream.

Looking At Old Age

Contrasting Korean and American cultural expectations of eldercare

Beautiful Things

Those halcyon days in New York...

Mixed Blood, Mixed Marriages

The Chinese are fascinated by mixed children, but just what does it mean to be in a mixed marriage?

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